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Companies with an enduring, strategic interest in global talent mobility may apply to join the etf.

Joining the Forum involves:

  • membership for a minimum period of two years

  • paying an annual membership fee and an initial joining fee

  • contributing to the Forum's goal of advancing understanding and the boundaries of best practice, by taking part in Forum projects, attending meetings and sharing program information (anonymously or in confidence) with other Members

Members are entitled to:

  • receive copies of existing Forum reports, including 'Driving Value in International Mobility' and 'Essential Communications in International Mobility'

  • participate in ImpaQt benchmarking surveys on Policy & Practice and Delivery Platform, and receive personalised analysis reports (cost to non-Members is €5,000 per survey)
  • attend ImpaQt Summits to review and discuss trends in program design revealed by benchmark data with other subscribers
  • join the workgroup for any ongoing Forum project, working closely with other Members and the management team to develop new insights and solutions for Members
  • gain access to the Member web site for resources such as information about other Members and about meetings (including attendance, agendas and presentations)
  • special rates for deploying the EPM (Expatriate Program Metrics) tool

For an application form, or more information, contact a member of the management team on +44(0)1344 898007 or by email to team@etf-online.com